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A little bit about
Joe Surace

Joe is an Australian Cancer Survivor with a passion for sharing his Cancer story around Hope & Inspiration against all odds. He has spoken on this subject at many events and also engages in community & industry based lived experience support groups to help others on their own physical & mental health journeys. In 2019, Joe even produced a book on 18 Cancer Survivors called “Hope and Peace from within”. He’s also a Professional Photographer and a highly experienced world Traveller.

Joe’s life as he knew it changed forever in 2014 when he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. It started as Testicular Cancer, spread through his lymph nodes and then into about 80% of his liver. He spent a total of 5 months in Hospital for various cancer treatments including Chemo, major Surgery and essential Rehab. The initial chemo was so very aggressive that some doctors told him not to go through with it because it would kill him; the alternative was doing nothing and dying within 1-3 weeks instead. With the help of an incredible medical team, the inspiration to be able to travel again, along with love from friends and family, he survived the chemo, but along the way his body became incredibly weak and frail, & only weighed 40kgs. He couldn’t walk or get out of bed. It took Joe 3 years of rehab before he could return to work and 5 years to find his new normal. The cancer and treatment left him with many side effects, but hey, he’s still here to tell the story!

His mantra is: B+  (Be Positive)

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Consultation & Engagement

Joe has a large wealth of knowledge stemming from his own lived experience with cancer. Things like helping employers better understand their employees affected by cancer. Helping employees navigate their way through complicated return to work programs. Understanding things like Travel insurance for cancer survivors. Working on one’s own mental health and trying to keep a positive mindset. Rebuilding confidence, finding your new normal and much more.


Joe has been asked numerous times at various events to get up & share the story about his epic battle he endured a few years ago in fighting cancer for his survival. He tells it from the heart, tries not to sugar coat it too much and even adds in a little humour here and there. He has a passion to help inspire and motivate one and all to become more aware of physical and mental health, be more kind and empathetic, and to encourage others to find what inspires them to keep moving forward in tough times.

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Joe Surace Photography

Joe has been a professional Photographer for many years. People, places, products and more. A creative style that is candid, flexible and fun. For additional info & to see his artworks,

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World Traveller

Joe can assist in organising your next retreat, event or getaway. He loves to travel. Not just for the great scenery, but for the love of culture and the great friends made along the way. He has travelled to over 40 countries and multiple cruises accruing a large amount of first hand knowledge along the way.

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Thankyou so much Joe Surace for sharing your incredible story of inspiration with us at Stories of HOPE Australia. Your story is a powerful testimony of Hope to multitudes.  K. Atherton
You’re a walking example of B+.  J. French
Thanks for sharing your story Joe. Very inspirational.  D. Lounds
Joe, what a speaker you are, truly inspirational.  M. Hanson
I cried through half of your commentary Joe. I will be B+.  N. Sunner
I loved listening to your story xx.  K. Fox
Inspirational Joe, I’m inspired by your story.  L. Arena
A very inspirational talk Joe.  L. Hepburn
Really Amazing Joe!.  A. Parisi

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